Pet/Cargo divider for Ford F150

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Score: 3.43. Votes: 47
Score: 3.43. Votes: 47
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  • Jim Dunn
    May 25, 2020, 14:22
    Installed this pet divider in my 2018 Ford F150 crew cab. Fits perfectly, this unit is well constructed and well designed, the instructions are well thought out, it took 15-20 minutes to install. I have a high energy 100# yellow lab, this divider keeps him safely in the back seat. Very quick shipping Well worth the price. .
  • Robert Menzies
    May 22, 2020, 01:28
    I bought the Pet/Cargo Divider for Ford F-150. I have a Four door, 2020, F-350. The Divider works excellent and works perfectly to divide the space and keep your beautiful pets in the back of the cab. I know for a fact this divider will work on any four door (SuperCrew) Ford F-150,250&350. I have two Belgium Malinois and works perfectly from preventing them from jumping into the front seat. These dividers are great, but, could be even be better by designing with access functionality. I may perform additional custom work and would consider buying another if Dirtydog 4X4 would make with a snap button or velcro access door (16 inches x 16 inches) in the middle of the divider to access the back seat area to manage your Dogs or simply to grab an essential item. Dirtydog has made a quality product that serves well its purpose of keeping your animals in the back, but, could even be better with the access door. I would rate the product with five stars with the inclusion of an access door, but a solid four stars for fit, finish, utility and easy installation.
  • ST
    Mar 11, 2019, 20:43
    ***DOES NOT FIT*** Attempted install on 2015 F-150 Super Cab This obviously was not mocked up on a Super Cab truck as: 1. The top supporting bar is too wide (~ 3") and does not allow you to properly close the door/s. 2. The upper strap leading to the door has nothing to attach to, since the rear doors suicide outwards and have no handles. 3. None of the J-hooks have any real structure to attach to. The only place I was able to attach them were not solid points. I like the idea, it looks like a great product (quality wise) but needs to go back to the drawing board for this specific application.
  • Chris Freeman
    Feb 6, 2019, 19:49
    I have a 2019 F450 Ford Super Duty and this fits great. Very easy to install and was made extremely well. I am really happy with this divider!