JK Unlimited Trench cover - New #: J4TR07R1BK

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Score: 3.71. Votes: 75
Score: 3.71. Votes: 75
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  • SoUncreative
    Jul 14, 2018, 12:01
    husband bought these for hauling our GSD in my jku. they work well. upgraded to JLU last week and am happy to say, with at little attention to positioning, they fit and work well enough to keep my girl from breaking a leg!
  • Jennifer
    May 5, 2018, 17:03
    If you are buying these for camping or just to cover to keep from losing items in the trench, this will work well. We bought them to help protect our two large dogs 65lb and 85lb lab mixes). After installation there is still a slight gap between the covers. We tried moving them ever so slightly to get a better fit but we just could not make it work without the covers overlapping - defeating the purpose of the split.. It would probably be work if the hard part of the cover inside the cloth material fit the whole cover but it does not. There is about an inch and a half or so 'give' or extra material on each cover so while the trench cover looks like it sits side by side with the other cover, it really doesn't. I am not a tiny woman but I could put my fist through that gap. This means our dogs paws could go through it as well. We will still use the covers but if the dogs are in the Jeep, we will have to keep the single seat side up instead of down. I think the product is a great idea but a couple things that could improve it would be: 1. Make the covers actually meet or add a flap on one side so they can cover that gap yet still operate with one of the seats in the upright position. I'd even be ok with a separate piece with a 'T' type shape to fit into the gap when the dogs are in the Jeep. 2. Make it so the covers lay flat in the back when the the seats are both up.
  • Susan
    Aug 30, 2017, 12:12
    I'm very happy with the strength and easy of use of this trench cover. I still haven't tested it with my 2 large dogs, but I think it'll suit my purposes just fine, which is basically to keep them safe in the back when we head out.
  • Brian A
    Apr 29, 2016, 09:11
    Just added these trench covers to my 2016 Jeep Wrangler unlimited and everything about them is perfect. The color match is perfect, the coverage is perfect, and you can tell that the product is high quality. NOTE: slowly place each panel where you want it as the Velcro is very very strong which is how it should be. Very happy with the product and now having a flat rear half of the jeep for hauling things and for my pit bull.
  • irma
    Feb 14, 2016, 23:32
    I saw the video on youtube. I wanted to buy this for my Jeep but it does not look sturdy enough or stable enough to hold my two 70 lbs dogs which always ride in the back with the seat down. and also does not appear to have enough coverage at the sides. I always worry my dogs will get their legs stuck in those wholes so I have to cover them with a giant blanket. Im glad I saw the video before buying.