Cargo/Pet divider - for Jeep JK Unlimited (full divider)

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Score: 3.30. Votes: 54
Score: 3.30. Votes: 54
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  • Vaunswa
    Apr 10, 2018, 03:35
    This product is awesome. First I'll start off by saying that when I first installed, I didnt attach the sides that keep it fully sealed to the cargo area. Now this is the way that competitors products are sold without the side part. Well by doing this my 90lb Mastiff managed to get in the back seat. Now thank god I didnt get the cheaper brands or I would have paid $130 for nothing. So now I attached the sides and my 2 dogs, a golden doodle 55lbs and the Mastiff cant jump out of the cargo area in My JKU.